Textile Printer – Ingeniously Simple

TJ DTG 400W Textile Printer has been built with the knowledge of experts who have been involved with direct-to-garment printing for many years. We have taken away all the bells and whistles that are no longer needed with today’s advanced ink formulations and made the TJ DTG 400W “Ingeniously Simple”.

TJ DTG 400W is superior in build quality, reliability and price.

Is the only direct-to-garment printer available on the market with iWICS (intelligent White Ink Control System). iWICS pressurised system not only purges air from the ink system it delivers ink to the print head in a way that allows it to print 30% faster.

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Patented Transport System


What makes the TJ DTG 400W different from all other printers is the patented transport system.
This integrates the functionality of a specially developed print engine exclusive to TJ DTG 320W. In most cases the T-shirt is placed on top of a T-shirt board or physically glued down and this can be very difficult when printing sweatshirts or thicker garments.

The patented T-shirt box design gets round this and makes loading and unloading simple and quick.

TJ DTG 400W – Technical Informations

  • Maximum print size: 360 x 465 mm + version 375 x 600 mm
  • Ink colours: 2 x CMYK or CMYK + 4 x white
  • Ink supply: High capacity bulk system
  • Print Resolution: 720 to 1440 dpi for textile prints (360/720/1440 dpi max)
  • Technology: Piezo printhead with variable dots
  • Weight of material: up to 200 Kg
  • Textiles: White or colour cotton, cotton polyester mix
  • Software: Dedicated RIP
  • Dimensions: 890 x 880 x 370 mm – 35″ x 34.6″ x 14.5″
  • Weight: 53 kg net, 60 kg complete
  • Environment Conditions: 18 – 27 °C, 40% – 60% relative humidity
  • Power Supply: 110V to 220V, 50 or 60 Hz, 150W maximum